By dawnanitaharrison, 23 July, 2010

I am a degreed speech and drama specialist with 25 years experience. I cringe at the service standards within South Africa and was deeply concerned about our government employing facilitators from the USA Disneyworld who came here pre world cup to train our nation on what customer service should be. I attended two workshops and found the content irrelevant to our unique new democracy. There was very little evidence of any research having been done prior to the training and all at a fee of R12 million rands which is yours and my hard earned tax money.

I have developed a training course namely SPEAK RIGHT. I have done extensive research and written the course content specifically for South African English speakers. The outcome would be that the delegate articulates with clarity and the communication process is effective.

Moeletsi Mbeki the outspoken brother of our former president Thabo Mbeki is a political economist and the deputy chairman of the South African Institute of International Affairs. He has publicly stated that we have moved from a country of PRODUCTION to a country of CONSUMPTION.

How can we even begin to imagine building our countries economy and nurturing our new democracy if we can't sit down and communicate effectively.

I will not elaborate but just make mention of our so call "call centres." My expereince has been that the person on the other end of the land line or cell phone is at most inarticulate and I spend hard earned money and waste productive time trying to communicate with a majority unfavourable outcome. The conversation is at most frustrating in that the person at the other end of the conversation does not fully understand me, nor do I understand their attempt at responding to my request or need.

THIS IS NOT in anyway an attempt to challenge nor tamper with individual culture and heritage it is a matter of being understood.

Having a performing arts background the content and course structure is laced with humour and satire. In my experience I know this that we as South Africans can laugh at ourselves. Stalwarts like Evita Bez and Leon Shuster bear witness to this fact.

I would value any opinions that you might have on this matter and if you run a call centre or your staff have difficulty in communicating effectively with customers both internal and external I would like to discuss the possibility of training with you.

This course has run very succesfully at corporate organisations.

[email protected]

Dawn Harrison



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