By donleffler, 3 March, 2012


High Commissioner to the Caribbean for the Republic of South Africa, Mathu Joyini, has worked hard during her year in office to build relationships and strengthen ties between South Africa and the Caribbean.

A group of Tourism specialists from South Africa has just returned from Jamaica where they participated in a Study Tour hosted by CCTN and its Founder and President, Diana McIntyre-Pike, to learn from Jamaica which is known as the ‘home’ of community tourism.

The study group from Countrystyle Community Tourism Network South Africa (CCTNSA), was welcomed by Mathu Joyini and her staff from the SA High Commissioner’s Office in Kingston, Jamaica. The group was full of praise for the South African High Commissioner in the Caribbean, Mathu Joyini and her Team.

Says CCTNSA’s Don Leffler “We informed Mrs. Joyini of our visit to Jamaica and she very graciously agreed to host a luncheon to welcome the CCTNSA group and to introduce us to leaders in Tourism in Jamaica. The luncheon was attended by MP Duncan, representatives of the Jamaican Tourism Board, the University of the West Indies and many others.

A few days later, Mathu Joyini hosted a celebration at the University of the West Indies to mark the ANC’s 100th Anniversary. The event was attended by the new Jamaican Prime Minister and other Ministers and dignitaries. The University of West Indies choir and drama department presented a flawless and emotional rendition of Zulu songs and dance.

A few days prior to the ANC celebrations, Mathu Joyini was Guest of Honour at a Seminar attended by the Jamaican Tourism Board and other tourism authorities. If this wasn’t enough, Mrs. Joyini also attended the Marcus Garvey Festival to remember the Jamaican black activist who inspired the ‘return to Africa call’.

Says CCTNSA’s Mapula Tlhagale “wherever we went in Jamaica, we received high praise for the work being done by Mrs. Joyini and her Team in Jamaica”.

Jamaica and the Caribbean are not identified as key Tourist markets by South Africa because of the long haul destinations and air transport access. However, as CCTNSA’s Don Leffler says “ the love of the Jamaican people for Africa and, particularly, South Africa offers many opportunities for tourism exchange programmes between the two countries. The SA High Commissioner in the Caribbean really deserves enormous credit for the work that she and her Team does to encourage diplomatic and trade ties between South Africa and Jamaica and the Caribbean”

Mathu Joyini has supported the initiatives by CCTNSA to develop a “twin’ relationship between the Rasta community in Knysna and the Rastafarian Indigenous Village in Mandeville, Jamaica.

Mrs. Joyini has also encouraged CCTNSA to support the IIPT (International Institute for Peace through Tourism) initiative to sign a Declaration of Peace for the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London later this year.

“CCTNSA” says Don Leffler “has identified Sport Development as an area of particular interest and will work in collaboration with Sport Academies in Jamaica to encourage sport development exchange programmes between Jamaica and South Africa”.

Victor Sibeko of CCTNSA says “the interest shown in South Africa and its various youth development and sport programmes is very exciting. We see enormous opportunities for Jamaica and South Africa to share their knowledge and experience. The SA High Commissioner in Jamaica has offered her support for these types of programmes”.

The CCTNSA Team which visited Jamaica is in awe of the work being done by the SA High Commissioner’s Office in Jamaica to foster relations between South Africa and the Caribbean. Says CCTNSA’s Louw Allan “we were so inspired by Mathu Joyini and her Team that we will do whatever we can to support her initiatives to build upon the trade and diplomatic relationships between the Caribbean and South Africa”.

For further information on CCTNSA view website at or email [email protected] or Nikki at [email protected]



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