Sorry for the past


By dessquire, 25 August, 2011

My life now poised between life and death
I know not which, it matters not
What matters most is what has past, and what may lie ahead
And how I lived my life now past and also live the future

I think of all the hurt and pain I know I caused for others
I’ve hurt the ones I love the most, and others not so loved
I’ve caused them pain as well as grief - I failed them when in need
On looking back it’s very clear I know what I have done

I can’t undo the past it’s gone - I can’t undo the hurt
To make amends, it’s too late now - To try will bear no fruit
It’s too late now, its past it’s gone, nothing can be done
Except to say forgive me please - I am really sorry

© Des Squire August 2011