By grantcraigtyler, 8 July, 2014

Dear Friends at Skill Universe,

you all have got to have a good chuckle about this........( yes my sense of humor is dwindling)

I  feel very Frustrated with the service that i have had from a service provider that i did my assessor qualification with( august 2012) , i have to date only received a competency cert from them,  which took 6 months to get out of them ( as they lost my POE and then found it ).

Then the  coordinator that was in charge of the POE's and edtp SOR's registrations etc  fell ill and Died !!!!! ( go figure just my luck )(most of 2013  lost as company trying sort out what was done etc... ) .  The service provider then has been spinning me so many stories and excuses that i have literally lost track.

i have been in touch with with them constantly  and have been hounding them for the SOR number this year , and have been  told that they are waiting for a window to be opened to upload etc.... ( i dont know if true or not!!!!! )

To date I got  33 unit standards, which i cannot get registered for with all the relevant seta's. ( very upset about this )

I'M  at wits end and about to approach a lawyer for legal assistance, as i have spent a lot of money (upwards 50k) and sick and tired of all the excuses.

Is there any one out there that can help or point me in the right direction as i have been at this for 22 months with no end in sight.

It has got to a stage where it is now costing me money.

I have recently just asked them for a copy of my POE, Still awaiting a response to that.


I would appreciate any  help


Grant Tyler



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