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By petrigilbert, 15 May, 2012
Sending Emails to a Driving Style

It’s always good to be efficient with Driving Style people. They like emails that are clear, and concise. Provide key information and don’t bother with specific details unless absolutely necessary. Use bullets to clarify your purposes. State your goals, next steps and any time frames. If feasible, provide options and let the person make a decision. Only include attachments if it’s necessary. These individuals aren’t too concerned with personal greetings, so you don’t need to bother with personal comments or salutations.

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Your image and the image of your company can be summed up by any person wanting to do business with you or your company. But so often do we get it wrong by not being professional, too stiff, to casual or too familiar. All of us want to be successful and want to be perceived that way. How can we be more successful? Tracom says success is created by 4 factors:



Competence and


Being able to read the Social Style of the person/s you will be dealing with will assist you in adapting your style in order to meet that person's style. Thus making it easier to get along.

Sounds like something your company can benefit from? Make contact with me and let us discuss what needs to be done.

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