By wilmadevilliers, 21 April, 2014

I read an interesting article in the Weekend Argus of 15 March 2014, THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING AT WORK Tony Healy discussed smoking at work in his article. He said that employers are entitled to impose a ban or reduce pay for breaks taken. I am sure that smokers were and will be up in arms when they read this.

Smokers are entitled to smoke before and after work, during their lunch and tea breaks. This is unfortunately not happening in most instances.

My husband was a smoker and quit smoking about 20 years ago. He never smoked at work because he had to see clients during the day. He only smoked after work and over weekends. I always admired him for not smoking at work. 

There are people that take extra smoke breaks which can total up to 3 weeks of working hours. The question is: Is this fair towards non-smokers? When one does not keep to the rules they are not meeting their employment obligations.

I have heard of companies that do not allow their workers to smoke on their premises and smokers need to stand and smoke outside the gates. Personally I feel this is a bit harsh but also feel that the working hours of smokers and  non-smokers should be equal.

 I am sure that you can guess that I am not a smoker but I do have empathy for smokers and there are many smokers that work just as hard as the non-smokers. They also have respect for non-smokers.



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