Small Business & Entrepreneurship in Action.

By moegsienharris1, 9 July, 2014

Congratulations to our democratic government in initiating a Ministry for Small Business Development and recognising that the best part of our national economy is driven by entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It is a breakthrough for entrepreneurs and for the black masses of potential business people in that some major corporations and major sectors in our economy were certainly ensuring that such a ministry were left off the political agenda for the past twenty years in developing our economy. Many economic reasons can be passed on regarding this phenomona as major corporations certainly did not share a vision of co-operation and sharing in our growing economy over the past twenty years in our democracy.

Government has at last appointed Minister Lindiwe Zulu to lead the Ministry known as the Department Small Business Development (DSBD) ................ Congratulations Madam Minister on your appointment! May Small Business and Entrepreneurs grow in strength and help sustainable economic growth that is so much needed for all our people of the "Rainbow Nation". It will be a great challenge for the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) to engage all other government Ministries and entities of state to support this positive step by ensuring that policies and legislation in how we do business will take into account the vision, mission and purpose of collective government.

A number of real challenges and commitment will have to be put in place in order for small business development and entrepreneurship to grow effectively and to succeed despite our skew economy. We need to stop bickering on what need to be done in order to educate entrepreneurs on business strategy, planning, processes, pitfalls and success methodolgies in business. Let us continue to educate and support small businesses and entrepreneurs in their challenges and we demand from our democratic government, corporate businesses and labour to encourage and to assist the growth in this vital sector of our economy. Many of our colleagues even on skills universe have not a clue on why we are in the training & development business. No longer do we intimidate nor do we tell the black masses what is good for them in education. They have learnt the hard way over many years and they certainly know what is good for them and for sustainable economic growth of the country. We sometimes need to be silent, and listen attentively to the black masses.

We need to consider aligning challenges in the academic, training and development field to once and for all become real expertise for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Too much of the education, training and development are not focused on significant and real development of this vitally important economic sector. We need to engage with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are will to strive ahead in order to be party to the challenges, opportunities and successes in the small business development and entrepreneurship arenas. South Africans are most talented and more serious attention need to be given to showing the world that exciting economic trends are on the rise.

We need to encourage national and international investors in the commercial, services and industrial sectors that we are ready for the business challenges as presented to us. We know or potential, we know that we are leaders in technology development, and we have significant natural resources that we can use as reasons for our sustainable economic growth and development.

We are excited on this new and challenging initiative and will actively promote and support the good intent of developing and growing small businesses and entrepreneurs and certainly in our quest of growing a sustainable economy for now and for the future.

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs ................... we have landed successfully ...... grow the economy for the sake of our people and for our country ...... for the sake of more people to share in our growth and in our successes.



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