Skills they don’t teach you at school, but should know

By chantelharris, 14 August, 2015

 “Japanese elementary school students don’t get any exams until they reach grade four because the goal for the first three years of schools is not to judge the child’s knowledge or learning, but to develop responsibility, establish good manners and to develop their character.” – Arun Pandey

And then people wonder why their economy is thriving…

There are a few crucial life skills that you need to learn while you’re still young, so that you’re well-prepared for the world that’s waiting for you. Once you’re out there it won’t matter if you were the top achiever in high school, aced the computer courses or the best marathon athlete. The job market is competitive; companies are looking for graduates who have learned not only from their textbooks, but from the world around them.  

How to manage your finances

Many students are ill-prepared for adult life when it comes to their money matters. The cost of living is expensive, and to top it off you still want to have a good time also, and then there is the reminder of saving something extra.

Set aside 10% of your income and seek out a financial advisor. Old Mutual usually gives out advice for free, if they believe you’re going to invest with them. Who knows, you might even settle with them. It would be the best financial decision you could make anyway.

Trusting your instincts

Trusting your instincts are one of the hardest skills you can master, but starting off early you will eventually become a natural. You can’t doubt yourself; if you’re a doubter then you obviously cannot trust a gut feeling because you’d end up feeling confused about your decisions.

 You can teach yourself by never second-guessing your choices, even the small ones. Once you have a feeling, go with the first one. When something “feels right,” you shouldn’t doubt it. Like Nike says, just do it. Trust your gut and respond immediately.

Avoiding burn out

Any tertiary institution gives you the chance to work your fingers to the bone. But this is one trap that you shouldn’t fall into. Although it’s seen as a good thing, you need to figure out what works for your physical and mental health. If you burn-out now, you won’t be able to achieve as much later. Know when to take a step back and get proper rest, you will then be able to push yourself when you know your limits.

Your health should be your first priority, if you can’t take care of yourself how you can be prepared to take care of others? Take time out and have “me-time”. It’s not selfish, it’s simply making time to give the best you to the rest of the world.







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