Skills and unemployment: we have to stop this decline.

By chrisreay, 3 July, 2010

Africa's largest economy, South Africa, is boasting the highest

unemployment ratio on the continent, with almost 60% of people being

unemployed and 25% choosing not to participate in the country's economy.

Economist Mike Schussler, who presented the '2010 Uasa South African

employment report' in Johannesburg on Thursday, said that, in fact, more

people in the country were currently receiving money from welfare than

from employment, with 12,8-million people working and 13,8-million


This sort of trend will drive the economy into bankruptcy. One of the

major reasons must be that we apply first world labour laws to a third

world country. The truism that "Tell me how you measure me and I will

show you how I behave" must be the big disincentive to employ. "Hire and

Fire" built the big economies of the world, not the

cherry-picked-nice-to-have system we use. The stupidity of the labour

legislation in SA is only equalled by the appalling logic we used in the

the electricity/power policies.

Without employment, how effective is real skills development?

How do we fix this decline?



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