Shopping Tips for Training Material

By tassschwab, 16 March, 2016

I am re posting this older blog of mine and have added a few more items to the Tips List.

I operate as a Hub for developers, we have over 20 different extended networks of reputable developers that we draw material from. We receive many requests. The most frustrating issue is the following:

Service providers sending us long lists of Topics that they want to train in. For example Providers ask for "Project Management" - there are many US that cover this topic, and also Qualifications that cover this topic. 

This is NOT helpful to us. If you are in the Training Industry, you should know that each Unit Standard or Qualification has a SAQA ID. So please, when you send a list do the following:

  • Provide the SAQA ID for the Qualification or Unit Standards. For example for a Project Management Qualification it would be: 50080 Further Education and Training Certificate: Project Management OR a US 120383 Provide assistance in implementing and assuring project work meets quality requirements (part of this Qualification) 
  • Give us a time frame in which the material is needed.

Another concern is that so many ask for "Accredited Material" - we are developers, so we cannot provide that. 

(the following excerpt is taken from Helene and Zelda from Gemtrain and explains it well)

" Please note that we cannot sell “accredited training material” as the accreditation processes of the SETAs are linked to the individual training providers and the training provider’s Quality Management System, rollout plans, etc.  We can therefore only supply you with “Accreditation Ready” material and we undertake to correct the material to meet the requirements of the various SETAs, as the training provider goes through the accreditation process and receives feedback from the SETA verifier."

How do you decide to make a major purchase, such as a car,house or even clothing? You will most likely do the following:

  • Ensure you have the time to shop around
  • Narrow your choices down
  • Go to a reputable store
  • Understand what type of brand you are looking for. Will it be BMW or 1966 Volkswagen Beatle?
  • Know your budget. Are you going to go cheap and regret it later or spend a bit more now and have your product last?
  • Chat to some experts, ask their opinion
  • See whose pair of running shoes lasted longest

As a training material developer it always puzzles me how the CEO’s of companies or those responsible for purchasing Training Material ignore all of the above. I have found that many simply go in for cheap.

Purchasing Training Material needs to be treated with the same respectful process that you would go through when purchasing a major item for your home. It has taken hours for experts to write well crafted material, the hours put in will show in the pricing too. Quite a few clients that land at my doorstep have purchased on the fly because they were in a hurry, and now need it fixed because the SETA’s have thrown it out. Be careful, be aware of where you buy your material.

If you have made the error of not attending to any of the above and are in a fix, connect with me. Or how about adding me to your mix of shopping around for high quality Material.

[email protected]



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