Sharpen your anticipation skills

By kgatelopelemakua, 3 January, 2013

You regularly need to be sharpening your anticipation skills otherwise you will be taken by surprise. The survival of any organism on this planet depend on its ability to cope with changes and the conditions that change presents in the future, the same applies to the life span of any business and a life on an individual.

Before we engaged further let me make it clear from the beginning here, that: it takes wisdom to understand wisdom.


Spend time on the lower grounds intermingling with the lower classes; where the higher level of consciousness is happening to know the exact direction the waves of change are taking.

One biologist was conducting a research in 3 islands; while hard at work he noticed that the population of monkeys in these 3 islands was very high and famine in the life of monkeys was at its best there. The biologist compassionately ordered a distribution of sweet potatoes in these 3 islands for feeding starving monkeys.

To the biologist surprised  these monkeys didn't bored to look at those sweet potatoes as they looked like stones for days few monkeys continue to die of famine in all of these islands and the other day a baby monkey played on one sweet potato and there it rolled into the beach water, the baby monkey ran and picked his toy but this time it looked red hence the dark soil that covered most of these sweet potatoes was washed off,  the baby monkey tried a bit, it was edible and delicious the elder once noticed that, went picked few put them in water and started eating the whole lot while, monkeys in 2 other islands in the few following days started washing these sweet potatoes and eating.

The question here is how did the message reach to monkeys in these 2 islands? Sciences couldn't explain this mystery but through intuition something clicked that as there is a morphing force at work in nature, there is also a natural movement of consciousness from the high concentration level of consciousness and sentiments to the lower level of concentration of consciousness so before you could know it the nations of this planet will be in consensus to take over from the economic monopolies and dictators. 

Democracy is not just a political statement it’s also a consciousness morphing action. Just as there is a vertical-upward-elongation kind of growth in plants and animals we don't always have to get it from science that there is a sky-force of attraction. We need to notice that there is a very high level of consciousness evolution taking place in this life right now and stop being amused of what is happening around the world. Realize that your old tricks on suppressing and exploiting others and natural resources are fading and every stupid will stand up for themselves.

This is how evolution and nature collaborate in response to movement of consciousness from higher level of human consciousness call for solutions to the brutal-calamities committed against mankind and nature by our selfishness, greediness, arrogance and ignorance.

With the instincts of an alchemist (as we all are and could mainly realizes the materialization of our alchemist’s impact when operating collectively on the same higher level of consciousness) I’ll say: Be part of solutions. Anticipate role playing your humanitarian part in this humanitarian age. It’s no longer about winning and losing; it’s about making life more livable and harmonizing all life.



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