Services SETA Constituent Assessor / Moderator Re-registration 2010

By annewhittle, 22 January, 2010

Dear All

This is a letter that will be sent out via e-mail to our database of SSETA Constituent Assessors and Moderators on Monday 25th January 2010. The template referred to in the letter will also be attached. This information will also be available on, by early next week.



Attention: Services SETA Constituent Assessors / Moderators

Re: Services SETA Constituent Assessors / Moderators Re-registration Process 2010

Dear All

As you are aware, all Constituent Assessor and Moderator certificates are expiring on the 31 March 2010. We are reviewing each application received and report issued from 2004-2010. Though this is primarily a desk top exercise, we do need to confirm if we have the correct contact details, and in some cases we might contact you to furnish us with further supporting documentation.

Please note that though you may have been awarded registration previously, there is no guarantee of automatic re-registration, as new criteria might have been set for registration.

In order to ensure that you are considered for re-registration, we require the following:

• Written confirmation that you wish to be considered for re-registration as a Constituent Assessor / Moderator with the Services SETA. The template is attached to this e-mail, as well as being available on the Services SETA website, under the Assessor Moderator section. We require this confirmation letter to reach us no later than the 15th February 2010. Should you not wish to be re-registered, you would not be required to submit this application.

• Confirmation of the Services SETA unit standards / qualifications you wish to be re-registered against. Please note that several of the unit standards and qualifications previously sought might have expired, and we need confirmation from you as to their current SAQA ID numbers. We encourage you to compare your work experience / qualifications to the SAQA criteria; this will give you a fair indication as to whether you would be eligible for re- registration. The general registration requirement is a related qualification one level above that which you wish to assess, as well as the relevant industry experience. Additional criteria may be specified in the SAQA registered qualifications, which can be viewed on

• Re-registration must be sought by the Assessors / Moderators themselves; we cannot accept bulk applications from a company. This is to ensure that no individual is re-registered without their knowledge, or consent.

• You may be requested to supply certified copies of qualifications referenced in your CV on request.

• Please submit all re-registration documents in Word format, to Ziyanda Mtshotshisa, via e-mail [email protected]

• Once you have been informed that you have been successfully re-registered, you will be required to sign the SSETA Assessor / Moderator Code of Conduct, which must be returned to the Services SETA offices, before your Constituent certificate can be issued.


Anne Whittle
Services SETA
CAM Manager
[email protected]



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