By donleffler, 28 July, 2009

There are millions of unemployed South Africans who do not have the skill or knowledge to effectively seek or apply for employment. Many of these people do not have the resources to pay for guidance and assistance.


A NEW and COMPREHENSIVE easy-to-use Guideline covering all aspects of job search without the complicated jargon that unnecessarily adds to the existing stress of searching for employment. This book caters for the person trying to get into the job market from scratch right through to those who have years of experience but may have lost confidence in interviews.

ORDER ON-LINE by email to [email protected] PRICE: R 80.00 plus vat

We are the literary agents and publishers of Chantelle De Jager’s powerful new Book entitled “Job Seekers”, which we would like to bring to the attention of allstudents finishing School and/or graduating this year. The Job Seekers book provides invaluable information to anyone seeking employment.

About this book:
This book has been created to educate job seekers about applying for jobs successfully and professionally.

Unfortunately most people think that applying for a job has one method; putting a CV together and sending it off to as many companies as possible. This is definitely not true. In order to succeed in a career and apply for a good job with good prospects and benefits we need to know how to do it.

We aren’t really taught how to apply for jobs, we are taught how to do a standard CV in school, unfortunately we need to have experience applying for jobs before we know what to do and what not to do, and this experience only comes after years of trial and error.

This book will guide job seekers and provide them with the basics needed, and as they go along they will learn new ways to turn the Author’s skill, experience and ideas into their own.

Inspiration for this book:
After having worked in the recruiting industry for a couple of years the Author realized that many people do not know how to apply for jobs, they do not know how to complete a CV; phone for a position or even how to conduct themselves during an interview. This is a reason why many of them are never contacted again.

The Author has researched “seeking employment” for many 5 years and has gained knowledge which she wishes to share with job seekers.

Seeking employment can be strenuous, but it should also be an exciting journey. If job seekers can build confidence in knowing they have a CV that stands out, and they have advice of what to expect at an interview their success rate will increase dramatically.

Author’s note:
Despite the worldwide meltdown in financial markets, skills development is essential at this time. Due to the fact that companies are downsizing many people will lose their jobs. But I feel now is the best time to publish this book, people need to improve their chances of employment now more than ever, and this book will help them. At the same time, we need to educate our youth about which careers they can follow as well as how to apply for jobs successfully. Our youth is our future.

ORDER ON-LINE by email to [email protected] PRICE: R 80.00 plus vat and
Email: [email protected] Facsimile: 0866 1722 66 Telephone: 071 0493 221




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