SAQA Unit standards 116937,38,43 Microsoft Training manuals Word,Excel Powerpoint Special Christmas 25% cash back

By yolandiemostert, 19 November, 2014

Christmas Special buy THIS WEEK and get 25 % CASH BACK on Christmas day 25 December Download Quality Microsoft training manuals right now in PDF format to your computer for only R14 per training manual! Training material is aligned to SAQA Unit standards Designed for classroom training or self learning Step by step training manual with screen prints and examples and practical exercises SAQA Unit standard 117867.116932,117902/258883 Operating a personal Computer SAQA Unit standard 116938, 117924,117942 Word Level 1,2,3 SAQA Unit standard 116937, 116943, 116040 Excel Level 1,2,3 SAQA Unit standard 116930 and 116933 PowerPoint Basic an Advance Christmas Special buy THIS WEEK and get 25 % CASH BACK on Christmas day 25 December You can have a look at the book preview here, at At the bottom of the screen click on page 5 to go to Excel level 1, and click on detail, preview to have a look the first 12 pages of the manual of 54 pages Please purchase from , you can print out the PDF documents Some of the funds will be used to support poor hungry doggies and buy a Christmas present for an orphan boy that has been supported this year with free training, he has achieved very good results and worked very hard this year, and really do deserve a big Christmas present



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