Remembering the beauty of reading a Book compared to the Big Screens


By bronwynnewman, 26 November, 2012

The hunger feast takes over Cape Town as Breaking Dawn 2 takes over the cinema and all our fantasies. Hitting record high at Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor.  


My new years resolution was to read a book first before watching a movie. I started with Eat, Pray, Love and sadly found myself stuck in the middle feeling uninspired and bored. Still curious as I knew there was a buzz surrounding this book, so I cancelled my New Years resolution and decided to take the easy road and watch the movie instead.


Now the new found desire is Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. There is a lot of fussing and deep secret discussions going on regarding this book. My first thought was " in the making".


Putting it off for months contemplating whether I should just wait for the movie, and avoid high expectations and disappointment. Then I was for the first time in my life prompt very hard by every female friend and hailed with gossip on the internet and radio stations regarding this book.


I thought to myself should I take another leap at reading a book and finally exercise my brain to go back to my old school book worming. Can I once again become inspired to reading a good solid book and take my eyes off the BIG SCREEN and home Telle.



So I Started to read again I find myself  inspired once more and brought back to my world of  calmness, quiet time and less chaos. I was back in my Haven filled with solitude and satisfaction. Just me with my characters my secret world.


I forgot how much I enjoyed reading!