By moegsienharris1, 6 July, 2010

The transformation of trainers, training providers and public institutions leave much to be desired.

It is not about racial impediments but rather the Africanisation of our society and the culture of how we do business and the practices of entrepreneurship. It is common knowledge that many of the current trainers, training providers and many of those in charge of public institutions are unable to transform the thinking and culture on how we do business in the new Democratic South Africa.

Some of the Organisations that represent Commerce & Industry and Trade & Investment are still driven by people who have been in position for more than twenty years ago. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) has failed society and our democracy in bringing about significant equity and fairness to the masses of black designated people of our society. The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) initiative also appear to be doomed for failure as it does not place significant shift in the economic transformation of ownership in a given period.

Employment Equity (EE) and Affirmative Action (AA) can be regarded as discrimination in reverse and no matter how much we all want equity and fairness in all our environments, it may fail us all unless we change the mindset of our people in charge of training and developing the core people in our economic structures. If the people who are in charge of transforming our econmy and our society towards justice and fairness, particularly those who are our skills, training & developers, and those who are charged to lead our private & public training institutions are not able to change their understanding and commitment to change, then the political powers will have to further legislate in order to bring effective and efficient transformation to our training & development environments.

The fear for change is still rife in commerce & industry and the aspiration of the masses remain intact and very little action is taken by trainers, training providers and those who portray to lead the training & development arena.

Transformation and change in trainers & developers must be applied with all the vigour and efforts by the responsible people if we want to support an acceptable attitude and in understanding fairness and social justice. We need to get more competent (there are plenty) black designated trainers & developers in place in order to guide and assist with transforming commerce & industry and the culture of UBUNTU in our democratic society.

Transformation in our economy is not about black designated vs white designated but combining all sectors of our society to mould in an acceptable culture and a value system that embraces love, respect, empathy, understanding, supporting and assisting everyone. We must adopt an attitude of decency that protects and respect the rights of creation. South Africa is part of the African Continent and our ability to play an important role in enhancing and promoting African Cultures, in a harmonious and acceptable manner will take us on the road of justice andsuccess.



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