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By bronwynnewman, 6 June, 2012
  • Do learners who have matriculated have to repeat the FET language unit standards?

No. However, the learners who are eligible for RPL against those unit standards need to be accommodated.

  • I want to find an accredited provider who offers a specific qualification or unit standard. How do I go about finding such a provider?

ETQAs keep databases that contain among others their constituent providers and the unit standards and qualifications that they are accredited to offer. Therefore, you need to contact the relevant ETQA for the information.

  • Is there any way in which the exorbitant fees for 2 or 3-day courses (e.g. Assessor training) can be regulated?

It is a bit difficult to regulate the prices, as these providers are private and running businesses. One has to "shop around" for a provider with a reasonable fee within one's budget. The other route is to complain to the appropriate ETQA if one feels that the fees are exorbitant and unfair.

  • Can universities and schools offer learnerships?

A Learnership agreement involves a learner, an employer or a group of employers and an accredited provider. Yes, universities and schools can and will be involved in learnerships depending on the NQF Level of those.

  • I want to study for an MBA degree at Vulindlela University. Is it registered or accredited by SAQA?

Registration and accreditation are two separate processes.

Registration means the granting of an application to operate as a private higher/further education and training institution in terms of the Higher Education Amendment Act of 2008/ Further Education Act of 1998, offering such programmes leading to registered qualifications on sites as the registrar may approve in terms of the Higher Education Regulations/Further Education Regulations.

The registration of private higher and further education institutions is done by the national Department of Education. Queries regarding private higher education institutions can be e-mailed to [email protected] and those regarding further education institutions can be e-mailed to [email protected] or visit the Department's Website at

The SAQA Website also provides an up-to-date list of registered private higher education institutions obtained from the Department of Education's Website.

Accreditation is the certification, usually for a particular period of time, of a person, a body or an institution as having the capacity to fulfil a particular function within the quality assurance system.

The accreditation of programmes or qualifications offered by higher education institutions is done by the Council on Higher Education. For more information please e-mail [email protected]. Further education and training programmes or qualifications are accredited by Umalusi (Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training) and you can reach them at 012 349-1510.



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