Quality Windows 7,Intro to PC Microsoft 2010 Word Excel L1,2,3 powerpoint and open office manuals available at cheap prices

By yolandiemostert, 3 May, 2013

The following Quality Training Manuals are available at (cheap)affordable prices Learner guides and facilitator guides are available with step by step instructions Screen prints, pictures and diagrams are available in the manuals to properly explain concepts Practical examples and practical exercises are included and the SAQA evaluation questionnaire can also be included. Powerpoint slides can also be made available for presentation on projector. Training material is aligned to SAQA Unit standards The following manuals are currently available that have already been designed:  Introduction to Computers and Windows 7 Operating system  Word processing in Microsoft 2010 Word level 1,2,3and Open Office  Spreadsheet principles in Microsoft 2010 Excel level 1,2,3 and Open Office  Presentation tools in Microsoft 2010 Powerpoint and Open Office  Using the Internet with browser tools and search functions  Sending and Receiving Email I will also be available to present the training for you or teach your trainers on how to present the training. I have 20 years experience in training and development and have a training qualification from Unisa. The training material can be used for group facilitative training or coaching 1:1 or self learning. Buying large quantities will provide very large discounts Quantities of more than 100 000 will get free facilitator guides and a training session will be presented to your trainers on how to present the training courses Purchasing 100 000 will be charged at R10 each Large Orders of more than 400 000 will be charged at R6 each Orders of more than 1 million will be charged at only R3 per software manual Orders of more than 4 million will be charged at only R1 each. All training manuals will be made available in electronic software format in pdf or XPS format If you’re interested please send me an Email to [email protected]



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