By poscentgonga, 14 May, 2014

Good day

I would like to find out from if there is any way of getting a client to honor a Purchase Order (PO) that would have been issued and seemingly having been "overdue".

The client in question is a national government entity and issued a PO in October 2013 for us to conduct training for some of their senior management. The problem is up to now, this work still hasn't been done the reason being the entity is not yet ready.

This has been the story for the past 3-4 months. Prior to this, there had been an issue of the project having been given to a different person and they hence wanted to finish off the hand-over/ take-over process. Well, we gave them that time up from Oct to end of 2013.

Now into 2014 and upon following this up, we are continuously being told that the SLA between the entity and us (the service provider) is still being drafted or hasnt been signed. Surely if its an issue of the SLA not having been signed does it take 8 months? I mean really.

Initially, we thought the client was waiting for the new financial year for them to be allocated funds by the central government but it seems like that's not the case.

Now my question is there a way of  of getting the client to have the training done without denting the relationship between us and the client or we have to wait until they are ready



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