Public Speaking - sticking my neck out a bit...

By tassschwab, 23 May, 2012

I recently received a mail from Skills Universe regarding Andy Harrington the public speaker. I was delighted to receive a free ticket (I suspect that all the tickets were free?) I have been wanting to seriously step into public speaking for some time. Its part and part of the dream life that I am creating. He was good... really good and gave some excellent tips. I was one of the bold people that volunteered to try one of his speaking methodologies regarding getting the audience to really listen, subsequently won an hour with him via Skype for couching (am still waiting for the email confirmation if anyone can help there?) What made me uncomfortable was his unabashed selling of his courses through riling the audience up into going to the back to get prizes, after getting them on stage for a reason then finding that an amount of R22 000 (or near that) to sign up for the deal that appeared to be Free? Is it just me? Or is this the norm? Did I misunderstand what he said? Despite this, I am joining the Public Speakers Association Cape Town, this IS a doorway I wish to step into and I am glad that I went!



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