By wernerrossouw, 20 January, 2010


Dear Training Provider

During the last 3 years, METSA has been involved in the implementation and coordination of various training projects in Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, and also for a number of Large and established Training providers.

We have noticed that a number of Training Providers from other provinces are implementing project in Mpumalanga. Often – to their detriment. The costs of travel and accommodation have grown tremendously, and as we approach the coming world Cup, these are sure to increase. Not to mention the limitations on air travel in and out of Mpumalanga.

Providers in other provinces are faced with the option to either abandon their projects, or run huge costs to run such projects, usually with very low profit margins.

In order to meet this very special need, METSA offers a formal Project Management service to ALL TRAINING PROVIDERS who wish to implement projects in the Lowveld and wider Mpumalanga. With the size of the Mpumalanga province, it is often difficult for providers to implement projects in these areas while maintaining cost effectiveness, and keeping tabs on all the learners.

As from the 1st of February 2010 METSA will be able to provide Project Management and Coordination services of any training project in Mpumalanga. These services include:

• Project implementation Plans (for SETA reporting and own planning)
• Training Schedules
• Assessment Schedules
• Moderation Schedules
• Moderation*
• On site Printing of Learning Materials (using accredited printers only)
• Project Budgets
• Staff outsourcing (Facilitator / Assessor / Moderator**)
• Learner Record Databases which include:
o Learner Demographics
o Learner Progress reports
o Learner Placements (work sites)
o Tracking of Assessments and Assignments
• Communication with workplace supervisors / work sites
• Facilitator and Assessor evaluations (including coaching if necessary)
• HR Management (charged separately)
• Attendance of SETA Evaluation Visits (where required)

Why choose us?

We have a collective 14 years experience in the ETD field which includes:

• Project Management
• ETD Training (Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator)
• Coaching of ETD Staff
• WSP/ATR submissions
• SETA Monitoring Visits
• QMS Design, Development and Implementation
• Training on ETD Policies and procedures (QMS)
• Learnership Implementation
• Facilitation, Assessment & Moderation
• Material Development
• Skills Development & Labour Compliance
• We have a network of ETD specialists in all areas of the province.

Benefit to you?

By using METSA to manage your projects locally you are guaranteed a head-ache-free project. We know the local market, the businesses and the people. Your organisation will directly save costs related to:

• Travel
• Accommodation
• Courier fees (Materials)
• Time – having someone locally who can tend to problems immediately

So what is the cost?

A standard Project Management fee of 15% (of the total project value) is normally levied and invoiced on a monthly retainer basis for the duration of the project. (Calculated according to a sliding scale) Although the 15% is customary to the industry it is not always the same as it differs with each project, scope and outline of our responsibilities, number of learners and so on.

Give us the opportunity to assist you with project implementation…you won’t be sorry you did.

Should you be interested in using METSA for any of the above services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to arrange a meeting.

Yours in education and training.

Werner Rossouw
Managing Director

• *THETA, HWSETA, SERVICES SETA (Selected Qualifications only)
• ** Charged Seperately



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