Pro Bono Coaching

By sheridanrupert, 10 December, 2009

hi everyone
I am completing my coaching diploma and need to complete another 50 hours. If you know of anyone that could benefit from coaching and lives in the East Rand Area - I would love the opportunity.
What is coaching?
Coaching is about having someone be your thinking partner – to assist you from moving from where you are, to where you want to be – to create a new way of thinking – new perspectives – clearing blockages to your dreams and goals.
Coaching assists to overcome any limiting beliefs which could be holding you back from your full potential.
It also assists you to uncover those competencies that you already have, that you don’t know about – and then optimizing them.
Coaching is not counseling or therapy and there is no advice. The coach is not the expert – YOU are. You already have the answers within you!
The coach just asks questions – it is a safe, confidential space for you to reflect and self-evaluate - on any topic – life; work; education etc.



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