Prisoners and community work

By sylviahammond, 27 September, 2010

Prisoners will this week give back to the community by refurbishing a dilapidated creche and hosting a musical festival among other events as part of the Corrections Week Campaign.

The campaign aims to promote awareness and understanding of the South African correctional system. Activities will be taking place at various correctional facilities across the country and will include exhibitions, church services and outreach programmes.

The Department of Correctional Services said Corrections Week, from 27 September to 3 October, was high on its calendar and aims to showcase pockets of excellence.

The campaign also seeks to encourage public involvement in rehabilitation and social reintegration programmes.

In Gauteng, Corrections Week will kick off with an exhibition of items made by the prisoners, including agricultural products and other items that promote arts and culture in prison.

Prisoners are also expected to refurbish a dilapidated creche in Soshanguve, plant trees and clean up the yard, which has been used as a dumping site.

They will show off their musical skills during a festival and have an opportunity to share the lessons they have learnt. They will perform a play for schoolchildren, who are expected to tour the prison facilities.

Other activities during the week include the opening of the Parole Board offices, an interfaith church service and a programme that encourages prisoners' families to visit them. BuaNews



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