President Zuma: message of support to SA flood victims


By sylviahammond, 14 January, 2011

President Jacob Zuma conveys message of support to flood victims

Government's Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Disaster Management is meeting this afternoon, Friday 14 January 2010, to discuss relief mechanisms in the face of increasing incidents of flooding reported in various parts of the country.


The IMC is chaired by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), Mr. Sicelo Shiceka, and is made up of the departments of Water and Environmental Affairs, COGTA, Health, Basic Education, Agriculture, Social Development, Police, Human Settlements and Tourism.  

While the meeting works out details of government's response plan to the flooding, President Jacob Zuma has conveyed his condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones as a result of floods.

 "Our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones in the floods. Many of our citizens have had their homes and valuable belongings washed away or destroyed by floods. It is a painful and difficult situation to lose one's life possessions in such an abrupt manner and we understand the frustrations and helplessness that people feel. With the predictions of further rains and possible flooding, we urge communities, particularly those in low-lying areas, to be vigilant and support one another. We thank the disaster management teams as well as non-governmental relief organizations who are working around the clock to assist affected families”, said President Zuma.

 Communities are also urged to report flooding to their respective provincial disaster management centres or the National Disaster Management Centre at 012-3365742 or Toll Free number 10177.

 "Government will do everything it can to avoid loss of life as a result of floods and urges everyone to cooperate with disaster management personnel as they respond to disasters,” the President said.

 Enquiries: Zizi Kodwa on 082 330 4910 and Vuyelwa Qinga on 082 877 3898

 Issued by The Presidency