Prepare for your exams on Mxit


By bronwynnewman, 14 November, 2012

Social network Mxit host eight exam revision applications to help pupils get through their end of year exams.

There are 600 000 subscriptions to the exam revision apps and over 5 million to the other educational content.

Andrew Rudge, chief of Insight and reach at Mxit says, "mLearning is powerful because it breaks through the traditional barriers of time, location and the cost of delivering educational content.

"The power of the Internet in an educational context has always been that it simplifies access to content and the experts on that content."

The main focus of the apps is maths and science, with further apps providing support to pupils on how to study and enduring there is a space to discuss exams.

To find these apps log into Mxit. Click through to Tradepost.

Click on 15) Mxit Reach and then enter the education portal where you will find all of these revision apps as well as other education focused resources.

Source:Tygertalk, Wednesday 7th November 2012