Planned Success


By tichazororatan…, 15 December, 2011

Planned success

That is a strange title because there is nothing like accidental success. The very work success means there was a planned goal that was to be achieved. You may say they are people that were trying to do something and some how without knowing how they bumped into success. Well again there was a predetermined goal that was to be achieved the method was not known but the result was envisioned.

Anyway I said that to say this. If you are to see success in your life you must plan to be successful. I want to challenge you in this blog to have a clear plan for where you are going and what you want to achieve. As you look forward to 2012 you need to do it with the plan to succeed. Not just thoughts of success but also a strong desire that is followed through by action.

I have been doing a lot of teaching on success and I can confidently tell you that success comes by design and most people hope that things will just work out somehow. But I discovered that does not happen. You have to have a plan to succeed. In fact in the module I will offer you at the end of this blog I speak about how they say only about five percent of all people in the world will succeed in life. For me that's an appalling statistic. Why are so many people failing in life and so few succeeding?

Having done some research over the years I discovered the difference and that is why I am sharing this with you. I have a passion to see people succeed in life as a whole. I have created a number of tools that will help to get well on your way to living successfully. It’s like a carpenter going to do a job he needs a well-stocked tool kit in order to do a good job. You do not want to travel all the way to a sight and realize that you forgot to bring you drill so you drive all the way to the workshop and fetch the drill then you go back to the sight only to discover that you need the chisel so you drive all the way back to fetch on returning to the sight you discover to screws are too long. Ok you get the picture. As funny as that sounds this is how many people are living life.

What do we need to have in our successful life toolbox? Here is a list that I can give you as a start up kit for you.
1.    Your Bible
2.    Your journal
3.    Your writing tools
4.    You vision document
5.    Your diary
6.    Your yearly calendar
7.    Your personal development library
8.    Internet access (for research)
9.    Books, CD's and video material for motivation and inspiration
10.    Your will to win and succeed
11.    Pastorxtreme’s Success Paradigm 101 workbook

With these tools you can be successful in your life goals. If you do a search of people that you believe to be your role models of success