By normanntai, 23 August, 2011

It is quite shocking in the era of our democracy to have research reports selectively accepted.The Human Rights Watch Research Report was taken as 'lacking substance', on facts it revealed that actually [farm] workers within the farming sector in Western Cape are paid with 'papsak-alcohol' after toiling for more than 31 days.


A similar report was rejected few months ago released by the Agricultural Research Council on a study taken by a physician which revealed that young people [boys] 'grew breasts after crop spraying',due to inhalation of pesticides,herbicides and fungicides' around Groblersdal,Limpopo.


And now the HRW Report is taken by the farming capitalists as a 'clear fabrication',is an indication of deep-rooted class ivisions in this country.


Labour power is a commodity which must never be relinguished for free,even with the generosity of papsakkies'.


Poverty revolution is the answer to these shenanigans through the living wage campaign championed by COSATU and its engines.


Issued by:

Mampane Norman

National Spokesperson

Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union

Auckland Park

Cell: 0720737959



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