Pakistan Flood Relief Day 37

By sylviahammond, 1 November, 2010

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

"After a long and exhausting yet very successful distribution in Sehwan the team reached Karachi in the early hours on Monday. At 11am GOTG had planned a distribution at Razakabad ATF training center school where children from the affected families are being taught. GOTG had planned to handout stationeries, books, sweets, cloths and toys to these children. There are approximately 2000 children in the school and books and stationary are the major requirements. The GOTG team had prepared 2000 gift packs which included books, toys and stationary along with cloths.

The team arrived in Razakabad at 11:30AM, where Col. Wahid accompanied us to the school for distribution. The children were anxiously waiting as they already knew about the distribution. As we were arranging the staff for distribution their faces lit up when they saw all the gift packs and cloths.

We started the distribution with the children who were sitting outside under the tree shade as it is a small building yet with an administration with big hearts who want to accommodate as many children as possible. GOTG team then distributed in all the class rooms one by one with the help of the school staff. The total distribution took 3hrs and some children wanted extra toys and clothes for their brothers and sisters who could not be enrolled at the school. Everyone was overjoyed and it was a breathtaking moment to see the happiness on the faces of our youth. "

Imtiaz Sooliman



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