Pakistan Flood Relief: Day 3-4 Part Two

By sylviahammond, 26 August, 2010

Issued by Gift of the Givers 26 August 2010

Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

In the meantime our youthful Karachi team has been hectically procuring food items and bottled water; new floods have just broke out in several areas in Hyderabad City, several hour away.

Skills transfer has taken place very rapidly as these university students are eager and enthusiastic to learn, have been applying themselves practically and have been finding relevant solutions. Between them they speak several local languages.

The team reaches Hyderabad. The river gurgles ominously with terrifying ferocity. Roofs peeping over water's surface are the only reminder that hundreds lived here just a few hours previously. Now commences the ardous task of seeking out the victims who have scattered in desperation, confusion and "drunkenness". A lifetime of possessions, even be it one chair, are gone permanently. Such are the levels of poverty that replacing this chair is NOT realistic.

Latifabad, Kothri and Jamshouro have also been devastated. The victims are located; some in a school, the majority on the sides of the road, on relatively higher ground, with NOTHING. The now all too familiar pattern of this disaster is emerging with a cyclical repetition of Flood, Nothing left, Hunger and Thirst. Several thousand people are fed. Thousands of litres of water are provided as is flour and rice. The team returns after 15 hours in the field.

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Dr Imtiaz Sooliman
Chairman and Founder



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