Pakistan Flood Relief


By sylviahammond, 12 August, 2010

10 August2010

Greetings ofPeace


We are inundated with queries regarding a response to the Pakistani Flood Crisis. Gift of the Givers has two fundamental principles before we respond:

1. An appeal for international assistance must be made and

2. The possibility of effective and reliable access into the affected areas isfundamental before we commit supplies or personnel. In terms of the enormity of the disaster there is no doubt that assistance is required; people are hungry,emotionally and physically traumatised, in need of medical care, clean water,clothing, shelter and utensils.

An appeal for international assistance was finally made over the weekend by the Pakistani Prime Minister. The question of access is still the main hurdle as continuous rains, inability of helicopters to fly and indeed insufficient helicopters and boats to move people and supplies are all huge constraints. The vastness of the floods requires, in some instances, 3 hours of flying to one point and 3 hours back. This is a huge difficulty for any government, no matter how well organised it may be.

Gift of the Givers is preparing an air lift of water purification tablets, medication and high energy supplements from South Africa,and has sourced tents, foods, bottled water and blankets in Pakistan. We are actively researching the best option to ensure effective, speedy delivery but that is the challenge. Teams are already on the ground in Pakistan and the network used during our response to the Pakistani earthquake in 2005 has been reactivated. Once effective, reliable systems are in place we will make the announcement, so please be patient a little longer. The possibility of sending medical personnel and counsellors is also on the agenda but we will handle it one phase at a time.

For more details call Toll free on 0800 786 777.

Imtiaz Sooliman
Cel. 083 236 4029

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