By moegsienharris1, 16 February, 2012

The Core of Training & Development remains on how quickly we can Upskill, Train & Develop our employable people in growing a sustainable economy. There is no doubt that the people are there and want to be part of this exciting challenge.

The structures that were initiated in order to address the skills training & development lack the Vision to proceed in a manner that we can conclude that our society is winning the race against all odds. The people that are in control of developing systems and structures appear to lack the expertise, knowledge and competencies that can create South Africa as the hub for intellectual and knowledge driven people to emerge from a well oiled system.

It is not that we lack intellectual & leadership people, it is however a lack by the political and labour representatives who do not have a clear vision of a successful sustainable economy that is the answer to South Africa's progress in the world economy. Expertise, experience and competencies for a successful, growing and sustainable economy are important ingredients for our success.

The experts in economics, training & development coupled with good researchers need to come out stronger in helping in developing our people to play a far more meaningful role in building a growing & sustainable economy and developing and strengthening our workforce with the skills needed in creating our society and the country as world class and a model for the developing world to take heed.

We must stop being apologist and challenge the flawed systems and practices in our training & development arena. It is very essential that we ensure that developing skills and expertise are the responsibilities of the experts involved in human capital, and I urge all of us to come out and support a system in training and development that is realistic and achievable in line with good and solid strategies and processes.

Let us not fail South Africa and let us come out proud of all South Africans. We Can And We Will !





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