By moegsienharris1, 2 July, 2010

It was exciting for me when I visited some Commerce & Industry Entrepreneurs who are already engaging in new business opportunities.

A number of good ECONOMICS have emerged from 2010 WORLD CUP..............

1. Our ailing road infrastructure looks decent and weare hoping it will be maintained considering the project cost to the nation. One of the key points that current and potential investors look at is the road infrastructure. We can be proud of our thousands of kilometres tarred Main and National Roads and Highways that can easily compete with the rest of developing & developed countries.

2. The well over three hundred thousand foreign visitors that came not only for World Cup Soccer but is frantically visiting and having meetings with South African entrepreneurs and business people. Early indications look good for entrepreneur & business opportunities.

3. South Africans of all persuations have passed the test on how to say "WELCOME" to our visitors who find it difficult to go home. We can rightfully be proud to be South Africans and all of us "AFRICANS" belonging to this beautiful Continent and most wonderful people. Potential increase in our exports will be seen as early in the new year.

4. Our BAFANA team has exit with dignity and we remain happy as the nation for hosting 2010 WORLD CUP !..

5. The fever of WORLD CUP SOCCER will remain with us for a very long time and there is no reason why we should not celebrate our "UBUNTU" and our diversity as South Africans.

6. It is up to ALL OF US to find our niche during the coming months as to "how" we are going to add positively to our social, political and economic development thereby keeping the wonderful thoughts in the minds of all our foreign visitors who are going to come back to our shores with their friends, families and business partners. We will once again, but this time permanently engage with our visitors to transfer skills and opportunities for the benefit of all societies.

7. Our children is a core reason for us to succeed thereby making their world a better life. Remember that our diversity is so wonderful as we continue on sometimes different paths, but it all bring us to one point, our love, our care, our empathy, our support for CREATOR and creation.