Off the Trolley: A Bit about a SafetyBoots Launch I attended


By bronwynnewman, 20 July, 2012

Thursday being the tiring night of a working week, left me very two-minded to attend KAP International safety boots launch.

Dragging myself to pluck on the courage to be a good wife and accompany my husband quickly had a splash and placed on my much need mask to hide the tired lines.


Getting lost for 45 min and cursing the poor GPS left me very despondent on how this night was going to end.


Finally phoning the venue Durbanville Hills Winery and realising we on the opposite end of the M13. Finally reaching our destination, and the first thing I noticed, was the beauty of the view displayed of cape town.


Entering the venue which was very nicely displayed and being late of course, had everyone turning around and happily smiling and us. Phew!


I actually found myself enjoying the evening and meeting people that started off in different fields and ended up opening shops selling safety gear.


I was honoured enough to meet the very down to earth and friendly MD of Jordon Shoes, Mr Brian Pollock.


I was super impressed with the presentation given by Mr Andre Oertel, who is outsourced to do the marketing and structural changes of the three brands namely Frams, Wayne Plastics and the more popular one Bronx. There is no reason why these brands will not reach it's selling potential.

We were opened up by Francois Ashton who is a commentator and owns his own sound company.


I was shocked to get the stats on running shoes and Asics being the leading brand with Nike being the runner up. Wow! Impressive.


I was really impressed hearing about the wonderful work they doing by putting back into the community. They have adopted a Holy Cross Children’s Home for abused children. They also sponsor Tableview Football Club.


It is very informative to have known and learned about the amount of training that was put in the sales team impressing us with there knowledgeable approach on all the various products.

I was also very impressed with the new R15-Million machine that is the only machine of it's kind to design PU/TPU Metal interchangeable steel cap tip. They are thankfully ISO 9001 and SANS approved. There brands come with a 12 month guarantee.


So if anyone has doubts about the safety boots manufacturers let it be known that a lot of detail, work and guarantee goes into the staff training and machinery to give you the best branded quality.


A big thank you to North Safety for giving me this opportunity to attend a very unexpected enjoyable launch from Steinhoff-KAP -


I wish these companies all the best in there new ventures!