No money for petrol after 12hrs overtime wasnt paid so cant go to work

By nyelisanitshivhase, 9 March, 2011

I have a shift worker who did work overtime on his day off. his timesheet was updated unfortunately the money wasnot paid because the formula from the timesheet was not linked(payroll responsible for formulas) to the overall column that accumulates hours which are put on SAP for payment. now he says because its not paid he cant come to work, he doesnt have money for petrol. He did make me aware of the non payment and a query was raised with payroll to rectify the mistake. he gets paid on 25th - so now because the money hasnt being paid or things didnt go as quick as he wanted, he is behaving this way AND he is also aware that if he doesnt go to work the plant wont run unless I organize another person to cover. Is it fair on him to do this. (9 march at 17:00  he notifies me - he is suppose to start work at 22:00). Is there anything I can do to fix this.



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