New qualifications and the QCTO


By dessquire, 4 March, 2011

All the qualifications that are registered under the current SAQA process will be valid until their expiry date.
Thereafter, they will be written in line with the new QCTO regulations if the qualifications are still required by the sector. This will apply to all qualifications.

Various parties are currentl waiting for the go ahead to commence work with the revision of qualifications in terms of appropriateness and applicability to the workplace.

There will be three components in all qualifications as set out in the previoous QCTO Document

  • General and specialised knowledge
  •  Practical skills Work experience

The only shift I am aware of is that the knowledge component will have to be aligned to subjects at universities and FET Colleges. Other knowledge will be linked to practical skills i.e more hands-on knowledge

It also seems there will then have ot be at least two Assessments – Theory component and work experience component which in turn will require two separate assessors.