Never Give Up


By janholtzhausen, 20 June, 2011


I started my hobby (flying model aircraft) about 2 – 3 years ago. But due to financial reasons and some stupid decisions on my part, I had to stop the hobby and sold all the equipment (the stupid decision of mine). Anyway … a few years later I had an opportunity to restart the hobby. I obviously grabbed hold of the opportunity with both hands and started purchasing all the equipment again; the radio, the starter, the fuel, the plane, etc. I registered with the necessary authorities (yes you need to make yourself legal to fly) and started building my plane. After about 2 or 3 weeks I was finished with my plane and ready to go fly. Now I was fully aware that it wouldn't quite be like riding a bike, but I thought if I got an experienced flyer to take her up and give me a bash at it I would come right relatively quickly.

So off I went to the airfield where our club resides and we fly our planes. Waited for said experienced flyer, but alas there were some construction errors on my part. So the day was over for me and I watched my friend fly around a bit and returned home. I quickly rectified my errors and was back at the airfield the next weekend, just to find out (from experienced flyer) that my plane does not fly well at all. So once again my day was over and I returned home. Now the thoughts were starting to dwell around in my head

"Maybe I shouldn't have started this",

"This is a SIGN I shouldn't be flying", etc.

But I went through the plane and made some changes and was back at the airfield the next weekend. And guess what, my plane flew ok, not perfect but ok. But when we wanted to go up again (for my turn at the controls) my engine started giving problems. Now I was really starting to feel negative. Thinking to myself

"Why did I waste all that money and time"

"I am not meant to enjoy my dreams".

I then started to come up with excuses not to continue working on my plane anymore. I even gave up eventually, and the plane ended up in the garage, full of oily fuel residue I never bothered to clean off and gathering dust. One morning when I opened the garage door and saw my plane lying there, neglected and ignored, I thought to myself

"To hell with it, how can expect to make a success out of life in any aspect of it, if I give up on a dream like this already!".

So that afternoon I filled her up and started working on the engine again. And not long, I got her working and running properly. So I call up my friend and invite him to come to my side of the world (Nigel) and go flying. On the day though the wind was terrible and everyone kept saying I shouldn't try and fly in it, especially if it is my first time in a while. So I gave in and went home. Now I started realising that I was afraid to fly again, afraid I might crash and have to rebuild. My palms would even get sweaty just by thinking about it. But I said to myself

"I am not giving up!"

And the next afternoon after work I went to the airfield again. But the wind was still quite bad and I gave up again. Now I was really starting to get ticked off with myself, and the next afternoon I was back again. And by George the wind was almost just as bad as before. So I decided

"No Way, today I am going up"

And I did. And she took off beautifully and flew straight and true, well except for my jittering fingers, I was petrified. But I was flying, and when my knees starting knocking together I decided it was time to bring her in to land. Now the landing was not one of the best, but nothing broke and I took her back in to the pits (place where you assemble and disassemble your plane). My hands were shaking so much I could barely get the screwdriver in the screws to undo the wing from the fuselage. But I flew, and in not so favourable weather conditions for flying. I succeeded.

Now I think life is a lot like I just experienced. We have a dream and take it on with both hands. Now that dream doesn't quite work out as planned, we have "endless" obstacles to overcome. Then we eventually give up, afraid of failing or even of success. Blame various persons and situations why we can't or never will succeed. But then, someday, something reminds us of that dream, and we start at it again. But inevitably come across some more obstacles, but we realise those obstacles are nothing else but ourselves, our own negativities and fears. And once we realise this, we overcome these obstacles, and man, let me tell you, the feeling of elation and joy when you do succeed, is something only you can experience. And it was well worth all those struggles and obstacles, and you feel alive and ready to take on anything life can throw at you. So don't let obstacles stop you. They will get in your way, slow you down even, but only YOU can actually STOP you.

Never give up. To your success.