National Woman’s day 2017

By dessquire, 8 August, 2017

I write this verse to say to all

All women who might read

That you are loved and treasured

Despite what you might feel

We sometimes fail to let you know

How proud we are of you

We treat you like you don’t exist

We fail to recognise

We take for granted all you give

And all you do for us

We treat you like a lesser being

Because you are a woman


This is not right, it can’t be so

All men must now wake up

And recognise what God has given

Is equal in every way

What I can do you also can

You also think and say

What’s on your mind and in your heart

No different to a man

No man is better or above

And has no right to claim

That woman is inferior

A lesser being than man


Today I ask that all men strive

To give the love that’s due

To show respect and recognise

The rights that women have

To give them fair and equal rights

To help them if required

To honour, cherish and respect

The women in your life

They all deserve so much love

For all they do for us

So give today in every way

Love, respect and honour


© Des Squire 8th August 2017



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