By dessquire, 9 February, 2017

The planned signing of the national minimum wage that was to take effect in May 2018 has been postponed until further notice, following Cosatu’s request that they be granted time to consult its central executive committee at the end of the month..
Nedlac have drafted a deal that endorses the R20 per hour national minimum wage.  The minimum wage will amount to R3 500 per month for a 30 hour week or R3 900 for a 35 hour week.

While the minimum wage when it comes into effect will be of concern to many small business owners I feel it is fair at this point in time. Setting the minimum wage too high will only lead to more unemployment and while R3500 or R3900 is by no means a living wage it is better than nothing.

With the South African unemployment figures as high as they are we need to do everything in our power to try to employ as many people as possible in order to assist in alleviating this problem.

For those concerned about the minimum monthly figures quoted do not let this deter you. Consider the minimum hourly rate and if necessary employ your staff on an hourly rate for a shorter period than the 30 or 35 hours.

Here is a golden opportunity to assist some unemployed people and to give them a fair chance to gain some invaluable experience. you can make a difference.  



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