Na Condition Make Crayfish Bend


By millierasekoala, 15 December, 2015

A few years ago I accepted a position that I ended up regretting a few months into the position.  I had just resigned from one position and was scared of being unemployed again and so I rushed into this position with every belief that I was the right person for the position.  The honeymoon ended after three months and I spent the next thirteen months bending myself into all shapes and sizes to prove to my superiors that I was indeed the right person for the job.  The more I tried the more I lost who I was.  I became paranoid, stressed, to the point that for the first time in my life I was prescribed with anti depressants.  There were times I would sit in my office and cry.  There way days I would leave for work with my stomach in knots and there were those days that I would come home miserable and take it out on my family.

Why am I writing this? My husband lived in Nigeria for many years and speaks pigeon English.  He has a saying that we laugh about as a family, 'na condition make crayfish bend'.  This simply put is exactly what I did,  I took on a position that was not my natural default and I kept bending and bending until I was tied up in knots.  Most of us do this where we take the next best thing because what we really want is elusive.

I envy those who know exactly what they want and go after it, not compromising or bending just to remain resolute in their vision.

I have just excused myself from a similar situation realising that I was taking myself back another three years.

I have a business of my own.  It is not yet a making millions but it has the potential.  I have the knowledge and talent to make it successful and I get excited about its sheer potential to impact phenomenally on the people of South Africa and beyond and so now I am firmly rooted not looking anymore at what else others can offer me.  Rather I am going to put all my efforts into building a business that will be exemplary and create long-lasting impact.

I am sure i am not the only one who has taken on roles that they are not right for because of circumstance.  But as we end this year I would like to urge each of u readers to think of your own journey, consider the vision you have for yourself and make changes that will bring you joy.  Without vision it is difficult to know where we are going but it makes it easy for us to make the wrong choices which in the end affects everyone around us.

Have a lovely day.