By wilmadevilliers, 25 April, 2015

I hope this was not published before on 'Skills Universe' ...

I want to share the following  from an article in a Mango inflight magazine (9 February 2011):

“My South Africa is the working-class man who called from the airport to return my wallet without a cent missing. It is the white woman who put all three of her domestic worker’s children through the school that her own child attended. It is the politician one of our rural provinces, Mpumalanga, who returned his salary to the government as a statement that standing with the poor had to be more than words. It is the teacher who worked after school hours every day during the strike to ensure her children did not miss out on learning during the public sector stay-away.”

“My South Africa is not the angry, corrupt, violent country whose deeds fill the front pages of newspapers and the lead items on the seven o’clock news. It is the South Africa often unseen yet powered by the remarkable lives of ordinary people. It is the citizens who keep the country together through millions of acts of daily kindness.” (Jonathan Jansen)

Acceptance is such an important commodity, some have called it "the first law of personal growth."
-Peter Williams



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