My dream for 2011

By dessquire, 23 December, 2010

If – My dream 


If people would only look at themselves
And try to stop judging others
We would see all the good that really exists
And learn to love one another

If all put the chips on their shoulders aside
We could live together in peace
We could work together - together as one
Building South Africa to benefit all

If the past 16 years was the prologue to change
Then why has so little transpired?
Hatred abounds - racism too
Has Madiba’s work been in vain?

If ethics and values were upheld by all
Honest practices adhered to
The world would be a much better place
We would all be happy as one

Let’s try to start by trusting each other
By putting our differences aside
By spending more time together as friends
And trying to understand one another

If we could trust ourselves and do what is right
allowing for the faults of others
We would meet with success in all that we do
We would be proud of what we achieve

If our leaders would only lead by example
Good example of course!
Others would follow and try to do more
To improve the lives of their brothers

If leaders in business faced up to the task
Of giving good service to all
Forgetting their greed and focus on needs
Of those they should serve and assist

If we decide to change our own lives
And the way we judge one another
We would see that good abounds in the world
And see each other as equal and one


© Des Squire



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