Must Read Instructions: how to "fly our flag" :)

By sylviahammond, 21 June, 2010

Bafana Bafana fans who have been struggling to find a way to “fly the flag” after the team’s loss to Uruguay have been given 22 ways in which they can keep the flag proudly in the air.

Via BuaNews, Government has listed the various ways - some of them patriotic, some funny and the rest just common sense.

Government spokesperson Themba Maseko has urged the nation to continue to celebrate the soccer World Cup, which is a historic occasion, regardless of Bafana Bafana’s performance.

“South Africans are also known for their ability to laugh off seemingly depressing moments, which is why we encourage the nation to give unconditional support to the national football team, irrespective of their fate in the tournament,” Maseko said.

Here are 22 ways to fly the flag:

1. Be the best hosts the World Cup has ever seen

2. Sing the National Anthem with pride (better than Ras Dumisani)

3. Wear your football shirt

4. Do the Diski Dance

5. Watch all World Cup games

6. Support Bafana Bafana

7. Sing Shosholoza at the top of your voice

8. Don’t drink and drive

9. Stop at stop signs and red robots

10. Don’t support criminal activities

11. Show off uniquely South African products – rooibos, biltong

12. Demonstrate ubuntu to fans and visitors

13. Do a Sho’t Left to our heritage and tourism sites

14. Support the African six-pack

15. Just for this month be friends with a taxi driver. No road rage.

16. Fly the flag high – everywhere and all the time

17. Show off our musical talent

18. Forgive the referee!

19. Support Mandela Day

20. Surprise everyone and get there early

21. Sit in your own seat (the number on your ticket)

22. Learn to count to 20.

Everyone is encouraged to add comments on what exactly Number 13 means.



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