Zalia Frosler

  • @zaliafrosler Hi Zalia, thank you for the message. I however do not have your email address. Please contact me on

  • @zaliafrosler Yes we can assist. Send me your email address.

  • @zaliafrosler Hi Zalia,
    Yes, it is complicated isn’t it.
    First look below where the shadow profile is. You will see Manage & photo. You need to have your photo saved on your computer first. Click on photo & then you will see “Browse” – follow that to find your photo – then double click on the photo & it should load for you. If you go to Groups &…[Read more]

  • @zaliafrosler Hi Zalia,
    Thanks for adding your photo – that’s great – please try & add it into your profile as well. Just below the shadow shape where it says “manage your profile” – there are also detailed instructions in the Help Desk group if you get stuck – or send me a message.

  • @zaliafrosler Hi Zalia,
    welcome to our skills-universe – we’re pleased to have you with us & please try & add your photo so that I can feature you at the top of the members page. Please feel free to join your regional group and as many other groups as interest you, participate in discussions, or add contributions of your own.
    Of course, we…[Read more]