Tricia Jones

  • @triciajones Good day Tricia
    I trust you are very well? It has been a while since we made contact.
    I am still going strong with the roll-out of the PH project and we have completed 13 months already – 6 month still to go.  Thereafter the SSETA Business, Finance & Marketing.
    Time is passing so quickly.
    I am urgently looking for a facilitator &…[Read more]

  • @triciajones We are looking for facilitators to do our self empowerment program in communities. Government wants to create about 600 000 jobs the next few years and we are the Training providers. Our program is accredited at Services Seta.
    US US Title Self-EmpowermentSAQA 66249 FETC: New Venture Creation
    NQF Level 4. US 263356 Demonstrate an …[Read more]

  • @triciajones Hallo Tricia,
    Dries de Kock referred me to you regarding Assessors Training, I am interested to gain knowledge in the field of training I am an accredited externel SDF at the moment. Would love to hear from you soon, my emailaddress is

  • Janelle Dyers posted an update 9 years ago

    @triciajones Hi Tricia,
    I was hoping you could assist me. I’m looking for good providers (ones that you’d recommend) to provide trianing on Sales skills, all levels of management training and all levels of customer service. If you could just advise on ones that you’ve used and continue to use in your organisation. Just the course name and provider…[Read more]

  • Bill Nash posted an update 10 years ago

    @triciajones Hi Tricia,

    Great thanks very much and like you busy but all of it pretty good. Trying to get as much done before Christmas “go slow” starts.



  • Bill Nash posted an update 10 years ago

    @triciajones Hi Tricia,

    Hope all is going well.

    Bill Nash

  • @triciajones Hi Trish
    The new person at the ETDP Seta to talk to is Thabani Gula (011-6285026).

  • @triciajones Thanks Trish but I live in Somerset West, Cape Town. If I have lived in Pretoria I would have stormed into ITO offices a long time ago!

    Thanks anyway.

  • @triciajones Thanks a lot Trish. Much appreciated. You know, I’m so fedup with these people but I can’t let them get away with it. At that time I also handed in my POE for the Moderator course and up till now not a word from them. I was so busy with the retrenchment at Vista University that I did not pay much attention to it at the time. In the…[Read more]

  • @triciajones Hi Tricia

    Molatelo’s response leaves me baffled. Does it make any sense to you within the given context?

    Dear Gerard Thomas

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Your records are not on the National Learners’ Records Database.

    This is probably because you do not have records that are part of the following:

    · South African university…[Read more]

  • @triciajones Hi Tricia
    I would like to demo the system to you and then leave you with access to a demo that you can test thereafter. What is your email address so that we can arrange an appointment.

  • @triciajones Hi Tricia
    We launched our PeopleSystems HR Management software suite this year. It is a South African developed system that offers the following:
    HR Operational Management (people and job profiles, behaviour management, leave management, recruitment management).
    Training Management System (all internal and external training as well as…[Read more]

  • @triciajones I agree but it does take a bit of work. LinkedIn needs constant inputs and searches. I have found that if I connect with clients and colleagues it can help build a profile, but you have to do it actively. You almost need to devote at least 30 minutes a day to it.


  • @triciajones Dear Tricia,

    No problem what soever. Please do keep me in the loop. Good luck with getting it up and running. I am sure it will be a great success. You should join LinkedIn too on it is well-worthwhile and could tie you into more work. I am also on linkedin and will send you an invite to your Gmail address.

    Kind…[Read more]

  • @triciajones Dear Tricia,

    I have been up that way and have assisted Mostafa with supporting documentation for the TVET reform project on a interest-base only. I could not take up any short-term roles up that way because I am wrapping up a masters right now and it would be too disruptive. Mostafa has tried to get me up their but I am going to…[Read more]

  • @triciajones Hi Tricia, i think our conversation would need to continue of the site as I notice that Tarryn here is piggy becking on it. I will give you a call and we can discuss this in a meeting format so that we see how we can assist each other. Thanks.

  • @triciajones Thank you Tricia, it has always been a dream of mine to work for myself and if at all possible empower others. Must say that it is hard work and sometimes I do wonder if this was the right way to go, but when I get a message like I did from you it make the world of difference. Kind regards.Bernie

  • @triciajones Dear Tricia, your (?) baby looks adorable!
    I did the course through e-Degree – google the name and you will find their details. I have the details at work and will send it over the weekend to you. The presenter, Suzanne Hattingh, has her own private company and also offers the course (

  • @triciajones The only advice I can offer is to have a plan and stick with it. It is tough, challenging and in some instances frustrating. Be brave and stick with it. Contact me off line at – perhaps we can arrange to meet as I have some ideas that might be of interest. Alternatively send me your e-mail address and I will contact…[Read more]

  • @triciajones Tricia, I was involved with the Barclays Women’s Association where we had a lot of applications from women wanting to start their businesses and they needed know-how assistance plus mentoring. Having started my own 6 companies from scratch also gave me a lot of experience what to watch out for, what to avoid, how to go about the…[Read more]

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