Tim The Trainer (Tim de Bruyn)

  • @timthetrainertimdebruyn Hi Tim,
    As I am still awaiting feedback from Fasset regarding the QMS I submitted along with my application to become a provider, I am not sure that it covers all their requirements. There is a section on Learner Management as part of the QMS but I am not sure whether or not it is sufficiently detailed. I shall certainly…[Read more]

  • @timthetrainertimdebruyn Dear Tim
    thanks for the invite to be a friend. will be an honor.
    let me have your e-mail address, i will send you info on our system.
    my contact details are jeanette@identix.co.za. if you prefer, we can do a demo for you.

  • @timthetrainertimdebruyn Hi Tim,
    I have a  Seta QMS which I submitted to Fasset as part of my Provider application. It is an extensive document of approx. 50 pages complete with  a business plan. I paid to have one drawns up in the format as required by all SETAS.
    Lynette Myers.

  • @timthetrainertimdebruyn Happy birthday – I'd love to feature your photo for your birthday – please update your profile – see "manage" photo below the shadow profile – & instructions in group Helpdesk – sylvia

  • sylvia hammond posted an update 10 years ago

    @timthetrainertimdebruyn Hi Tim,
    As far as I know, every Seta should have a QMS & they are inspected & accredited by SAQA – that’s the current situation, which will change with the QCTO dispensation.

  • sylvia hammond posted an update 10 years ago

    @timthetrainertimdebruyn Hi Tim,
    welcome to our skills-universe – we’re pleased to have you with us & please try & add your photo so that I can feature you at the top of the members page. Please feel free to join your regional group and as many other groups as interest you, participate in discussions, or add contributions of your own.
    Of course,…[Read more]