Sylvia F. Hammond

  • Working on the report on the APPETD meeting held in Cape Town on Monday 27 March 2017

  • BEWARE Do not give training providers a certified copy of your Identity document!
    I have in the past week received numerous request from training providers for a copy of my credentials and a certified copy of my Identity document. On questioning the reason for the request I was told that it is for accreditation purposes and they promise I will get…[Read more]

  • Who is on top of the changes to DoL “Approval” process vs DoL “Approval” plus “HWSETA “Accreditation” and the resultant effects of not acquiring “Accreditation”?

    • Hi Ken I am just experimenting here with new facilities – I have favourited to see what happens

      • Hi Ken,
        Here is the latest from a meeting between DoL and HWSETA:

        Subject: RE: HWSETA First Aid Providers update

        Good day,

        The meeting between HWSETA, DoL and most of the ETQAs quality assuring First Aid unit standard/s was held on 26 April 2017 at the HWSETA.

        It was resolved that:

        · The DoL will amend the gazetted memo and issue…[Read more]

    • Well that is very good news from DoL to extend the training to other ETQAs as my company is Accredited with TETA and I had to look for an Director to comply with 120 credits or I had to spend money to get myself complied to register with HWseta just to give first aid.


      “Crisis with Occupational Health and Safety SETA Accredited training and the future of First Aid Training (update 5)” published by Saiosh

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