Steven Louw

  • @stevenlouw Hi Steven
    that’s no problem at all, contact Alan at the skills portal office on 0861 11 22 18 and discuss publicity with him – I’m sure that we can make quite a show for so many learners.  

  • @stevenlouw Hi Steven,
    Apologies for this – there are idiots out there. Unfortunately, I was facilitating a workshop this morning so couldn’t respond immediately, but Alan did & has banned the person. Everything should have been deleted as well. Please let us know if there is anything left and thanks for your very quick notice.
    Regards sylvia

  • @stevenlouw Hi Steven – welcome to our skills-universe. Please add your photo and feel free to join your regional group and as many other groups as you are interested in, and participate in discussions and of course, please invite your friends & colleagues to join. 🙂