• Dear Lynell
      I represent the Professional Body for Work at Height. One of our recognised providers were today told by DHET that they cannot even submit their application if they are still a CC. The provider has been registered as a CC since 1999 and has tax clearance, audited statements, everything… I see that you have written a letter to DHET in this regard also… any feedback from them as yet?

      • Hi Alti,
        We are sitting on a time bomb because the DHET are stuck on the requirements of the repealed Companies Act and appear to have no concept of the changes brought about by the Companies Act 2008. I have addressed a number of letters to DHET, QCTO, CIPC and DTI regarding this, and went as far as sending off a submission to the Minister of Higher Education, regarding these and other issues. To date, despite the deadline around the corner, no one has made any move to address the impending disaster. Apparently only a few hundred applications have been processed out of the possible 9 000 or more private training providers out there.

        I have just dispatched another letter following the outcome of evaluations on 4 private company training providers. This will be posted shortly on SU.

        It is amusing that DHET personnel say that an application cannot be made by a CC. The Communique requires ALL accredited private Training Providers must apply for registration. So the application must be received by DHET, and according to their own Regulations, the Registrar is required to acknowledge receipt of the application. Having applied, a training provider has complied with the first part of the Communique. DHET must then communicate to the provider on the “evaluation” of the application.

        I will be addressing an addendum to the submission to the Minister shortly, giving updates on the information arising from these recent “evaluations”. If nobody makes a move within the next week, it is time to start looking at presenting this whole mess to the Public Protector. Somewhere we have to find sanity in the Registration process that isn’t going to crucify thousands of accredited training providers. Will keep updates on SU.

        • Good Morning Nigel, and all others. It is with grave concern and dismay that i am reading your post today. I have been busy with training, whilst compiling my docs for submission to DHET and are finally ready to submit. We have written to Ms Motloi as well as received the following response after many follow up mails
          Dear Ms Frosler

          Please be advised that the OHS report must be issued in terms of the OHS Regulation as indicated in the guide to complete the application form. The report must be accompanied by the certificate.


          NO 2: question about surety
          Dear Graham

          If you train for your clients, please request an exemption issued in your official letterhead and attached a signed and certified copies of the Service Level Agreement(SLA) with your client(s).


          NO 3: Sending Electronic Copy of SLA with a client
          Dear Sir/Madam

          Please be advised that emailed documents cannot be accepted, they must be couriered or hand delivered and documents need to be original or certified copies.

          So my response to her feedback was to quote the relevant legislation on my exemption request, but it appears now that it will not be acceptable. We have also changed from a CC to Pty. I am at a lost for words.

          • Hi Zalia,
            Unfortunately DHET seem to like living in the past and are reluctant to let go of “the old ways”. What they did not tell you is that converting to a Pty does not guarantee a successful application. The problem lies with your compliance to the IFRS with regards to financial reporting. In terms of the new Companies Act requirements, an audit is only required if you have a Public Interest Scorethat requires an audit. Most Private Training Providers are SMME’s and according to this scoring system, will generally only need an Accounting Officers Report. DHET will accept nothing other than the full audit report as laid out in the Guideline!?!?

            I have sent a mail and a further submission to the Minister today regarding all these issues.

            • Hello Nigel , I think we have to try at all costs. I have writen to Allan Winde, WC Minister Provincial Minister of Economic Opportunities, to see if he can assist. will keep you posted.

            • Good Morning All, One more question, I need advice on the best way that I can submit my docs to DHET from Cape Town? Thanks Zalia

            • Nigel, thanks for your persistence in fighting on behalf of providers! Zalia, I have sent you a message as I will be taking a batch of applications from Cape Town to Joburg in the next two weeks.