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    I would like to stand up for verification agencies, they are in the know, they are lawfully required to understand all the elements. Please do not forget that they also get audited by SANAS. Their own verification agencies need to comply as well. I think it is a miss-conception that verification agencies, who actually verifies do not know. I work with a few of them and their interpretation of the codes and implementation thereoff is correct.



    You are correct, I am an accredited training provider with DOE and UMALUSI and verious SETAS.

    The programmes offered to qualify for B-BBEE points must be done by an Accredited Training provider. The criteria for programmes offering according to the code differs according to the categories of the Learning Matrix, and in some instances do not have to be approved training programmes, as long as it complies with the code criteria, such as the programme need to have a theoretical and practical component. We use HR Planning and they do understand the concept. I agree, there is huge confusion regarding B-BBEE and the implementation theiroff.




    I Agree Monwabisi, there is too  many fly by nights who really want to rip you off for a quick bug, that is why I am glad that training providers are regulated and I put a premium on accredited training providers, the reason being :- I am certain that the money I spend  with a provider that is quality managed and accredited will give me a professional service. I just want to put the record straight for those who think that Lecturers are not accredited, they should all be Assessors and or Moderators, and have done a facilitators course to understand the model of transferring skill and knowledge and the assessment of competency. I think a lot of people do not understand at all the quality systems behind accreditation……can you imagine you have your company run by a self-taught or any tom,Dic or Harry training centre…..what a mess the economy will be in,….imagine you go to a doctor that has no formal education and your life or the life of your loved ones are at stake……”no people lets support the QUALITY of SA services, Lets be a World Class Country AND PROUD OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES…..let us not compromise quality….SA is in shambles as it is….let us in the training and education profession PROUD OURSELVES OF QUALITY EDUCATION AND TRAINING AT LEAST….


    It is a regulatory issue to train with an Accredited Service Provider. Let me explain: the Skills Development Element in the B-BBEE regulations clearly states that when a company is doing training with a Non-Accredited training provider, that specific company will not be able to get the Skills Development recognition points on the Skills Development element, thus the company’s B-BBEE compliance will suffer the loss of points awarded for spending the B-BBEE as required by the Code of Good Practice 400, and the learning matrix stipulated in the code.  Therefore corporate companies want to make the money they spend on Skills Development effective, not only in training their employees, but also in complying with the B-BBEE act. Apart from skills transfer the effectiveness for the company’s business strategies are at stake should they train with non-accredited service providers. I always advise companies to spend their Skills Development money wisely to the total benefit of the company that makes business sense.  Hope I could contribute to this issue positively.  H. Davis – Qualitas Career Academy 016 9324499

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)