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    I wish to extend a huge thumbs up to LAUREN GELDART from LG SETA – she is a superb asset to LGSETA – A service provider attempted to utilise my professional accreditation documents to achieve accreditation – since I am well know and widely utilised she observed that the provider had not entered into an agreement with me – Upon alerting me – we have found that this a general problem – but it can be prevented – As a professional assessor and moderator – as well as trainer and facilitator – I have a policy which states that if a training provider wishes to extend or apply for training scope – and they wish to use my professional accreditation constituent portfolio – Then I charge a fee for that service – The idea is not to make money but to ensure that you the training provider remain ethical and committed to the SLA you have signed with me – To often service providers merely attach assessor and moderator docs to their application – and their submissions achieve success – but they never come back to the professionals that have provided the resumes along the way – I have pioneered this with great success – but even so many established providers do not agree – In this case I find that they end up with substandard Assessors and Moderators – Then we have to clean up – Remember – Achieving Assessor and Moderator Status – is somewhat similar to doing a doctoral – its painstaking expensive and frustrating process – so please rethink your mindset –

    • Hi Graeme – In some way I agree but also disagree. Professional assessors, moderators and ETDP Practitioners will know when a provider is making abuse of your paperwork. If we just accept offers over the phone when somebody phone and ask for your email to sign a SLA then you should surely know you are going into an agreement which you will never hear off. I’m in this industry for 14 years, my organization focus on this and for us to charge money for this – not worth it or really worthy for me and my team – it’s already a bridge in trust and we work and focus on trust, otherwise no business. I’ve written a QMS Policy approved by 15 SETA’s out of the 21, only because we don’t have any need in those sectors and up to now after 45 successful company accreditations in 2016 and so far 22 this year – not once did we get any unethical services where one of my teams paperwork was used and the provider never came back. Each and one of them came back. It’s all about trust and choosing your customer. Professionals must make an effort to make an appointment with providers who request this from you – go and see the provider, build the relationship and make a logical decision – charging a fee will not really help – we just don’t charge a fee. If there is not trust there we can surely not do business – I do understand why assessors and moderators have this problem but if I switch this around – what if the provider is using their services and they are making a mess of the entire assessment profile of learners? Now that is the issue we need to fix. Assessors or Moderators with not enough SME or field experience, but sell themselves good to the client..get paid.. and yes.. here we are. Maybe providers must ask Assessor and risk management fee too until the process is complete?My 1c opinion